Want to share your testimony?

Join us in achieving our goal of 1000 handwritten testimonies. Please see the How to Participate page to submit one of the following:

  • your handwritten Testimony;
  • a personal handwritten account of God’s love at work in your life, such as an answered prayer;
  • A handwritten scripture that is important to you and why.

Let’s inspire as many people as possible with as many witnesses as possible to show the world God’s love and grace.

Please visit the About page to read the letter that inspired this project and changed our lives.

A 2016 Promise to God

Welcome to the new year! A new beginning. A personal reset button most of us have promised to push since Thanksgiving. We have thought about all of the things that will be different in the new year and all of the things we are going to do to make our lives everything that we want them to be. Continue reading